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About the Rabbi...

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Born March 23, 1944 in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York. For 39 years a practicing Orthodox Jew, always seeking the Messiah. Trained to become a Warrior of David. Served in the U. S. Marine Corps.

Lived in Israel for 15 years: Former member of Israeli Security Services (Mossad), Israeli National Police, Israeli Defense Forces, with rabbinic dispensation to act as a non-Jew to carry out the work (dispensation for assassination not required).

On November 14, 1982, he was filming a videotape for a sports league in a Catholic Church in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He was uncomfortable and would not speak to anyone because he had been taught all his life that the devil was in the Christian churches. He heard God speak audibly to him, “You can serve the Father through Me. You will serve the Father through Me.”

He began to cry and he knew that he knew that he knew. However, he did not know anything about the New Testament except how to refute it.

To become a Jew requires at least one year of study under a Rabbi to learn 613 overt acts required each day. He immediately looked for someone to help him.

He went to the Assembly of God church in Las Cruces and found a pastor, asking what he should do. The pastor said, “Shut up! Sit down and start reading the Bible.” Three days later he went to a prayer meeting at the Assembly of God church and the assistant pastor said, “Let’s pray for this woman to receive the Holy Spirit.” Moshe was sitting next to the patio door in case he needed to make an escape since he still was afraid he might get into false doctrine. He started to pray for her - putting his hand out for her and the next thing he knew his hands went straight up in the air - then he fell to his knees speaking fluently in tongues. He knew what he was saying - and also what the pastor was saying in tongues.

Disowned - Divorced - Funeral
Moshe returned to Israel and told his family. He was divorced against his will and lost his children. His family had a funeral service for Moshe and disowned him.

His mother received the Messiah before she died. Since then his children have been reconciled to him and 2 out of 3 have been saved. He became an evangelical pastor and in 1998, became rabbi over a Messianic congregation.

Peace in Israel
Rabbi Laurie feels God has put the Jews as protectorates to preserve the land He has given them. Most Palestinians want peace but there is a growing group who want to destroy all the Israeli people. Israel cannot give up the land - it is not theirs to give.

Rabbi Moshe Laurie

Rabbi Moshe Laurie is Chief Rabbi of two Messianic Jewish congregations: Congregation Shofar Be Tzion “Trumpet in Zion” in Ledyard, CT and Congregation Adat Ariel “The Lion of God” in Marion, IL.

President/Rabbi: Shofar Be Tzion Ministries, Groton, CT

He is the director of Bible Voice Broadcasting, USA, where he has been broadcasting to Israel in Hebrew about the
Messiah along with the weekly Parashat (Scripture portion) internationally. You may listen to them by going to:
Bible Voice Broadcasting
Related Shows
Weekly Parashat Hashavuah
Radio Show "Truth in Life"

Join in on "Truth In Life" with Rabbi Moshe Laurie. Tune your radio dial to am 1150 at 10:00 am central Saturday Mornings or hear it streamed live on WGGH.net.
The call-in number is: 1-618-993-8102
The e-mail: truthinlifetoday@gmail.com

Director of Spiritual Warfare and National Spokesperson

Guest Speaker on:
The Renshaw Report
Revelation TV
Evangel World Prayer Center’s “Word Alive”
Coral Ridge Ministries
Sid Roth’s nationally syndicated “It’s Supernatural”
National Full Gospel Businessmen meetings
News-Talk Radio AM 570 WKYX, Paducah, KY - AM 1320 WNGO, Mayfield, KY

Hosted “Spiritual Warfare: Joining God’s Army” and “Spiritual Warfare: The Call to Arms” with TCT TV

Dean of Old Testament Studies Held Hebrew chair at El Shaddai Theological Seminary (He is fluent in Hebrew. )

Performed in “The Council for Christian Arts” play “Forgiven”
Rabbi Laurie was used by the Lord to bring prophecy to England (this word was given on March 19, 05: “Stand before the Lord or kneel before the enemy. A great and terrible thing is going to happen.”), which was fulfilled July 7, 05 with the terrorist attack. With his congregation, has declared open war on evil.
Rabbi Laurie has been leading trips to Israel for the past 13 years. See our Trips to Israel page for more information.
Christians Unlimited, Southern Illinois University’s own campus ministry, sponsored a presentation by Rabbi Moshe Laurie at the University’s Student Center Ballroom on Wednesday, October 29, 2008. See: FAITH/EVENT: Israel's 60 Year Existence by Rabbi Laurie for more information.
From 2002 to 2008 Rabbi Moshe Laurie also had a Connecticut Public Access show called “Truth in Life” where tapes of his Spiritual Warfare teachings were aired the final year being pre-recorded, and the previous years Live call-in shows.
WKYC.com Faith/Editorial:
Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008 Politics & the Bible, by Mary Elliott
Click here to watch:
Rabbi Moshe Laurie’s dramatic testimony featured on The Coral Ridge Hour

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