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Government Links
PMO Contact Information
Israel Government Ministries
Fax Congress & Governors
US Senate / Representatives
United Nations

MFA Bookmarks
Open Letter
Hands of Mercy Y'srael
Temple Mount Faithful

E-Sword Bible software

American Minute
The Thomas Jefferson Papers
1828 Webster Dictionary
The Sefer haHinnuch
Voice Of The Martyrs
persecution.com / persecution.net
The Bill of Rights

Obama's Science Czar
Bolton: Israel must attack Iran now
US envoy for Damascus after Assad publicly mocks Hillary Clinton
Custodian of US Mosques promotes slaying Americans
A Detention Bill you ought to read more Carefully
Biology-based restrooms called discrimination
Obama's new pick: Gov. of state that linked Christians, violence
Internet bill document
SIUC Professor Finds Flaws In Toyota Computer
Toyota video
Don't ask don't tell, "the whole story"
Atheist Bibles-For-Porn Swap Riles Campus
Radical truth about Anita Dunn
Home Land Insecurity
Prime Minister to UN / Video
Harvesting Personal Data
Little gems from Health Care Bill
Dems Prohibit Charts & Words Describing Health Care Takeover
Episcopal Church no clear Gospel
Jail Censoring Religion
Speach in Cairo, Egypt
The Hamas terror war against Israel
Gaza-Hamas Fact Sheet
MEMRI - Martyrdom Praised
Ending The Gaza War
8 women face death by stoning
Netanyahu Prom. Neg. with PA
Will Egypt Attend event?
Police Block ‘Arab Jer. Day’ Ev.
Netanyahu-Barak pact
Episcopal minister defrocked
Obama Bow to Saudi King
Infiltrating thru Charter Schools?
U.S. Gulen Movement Org. Chart
Filmmaker: (Pres.) born Muslim

Innovations in Compassion
U.S. Prep. Dom. Dist.
Police look to hack citizens' PCs
California Mosque Infiltration
Schools Pro-Islamic Prop
Politically Correct... Absurd
Prop. UN to crim. def. of Islam
Obama gets list
House Resolution 45
WND-creating youth brigades?
Obama Fatih Based Appointee
Charity suspends worker
Dissident threatened at UN
Won't allow another Holocaust
Pirate Saga Details
Rightwing Extremism
Md. Guard & Tea Party Protestors
Delegates walk out on Ahmadinejad
26 Sim. Bet. Am. and Nazi Germany
Bill similar to Hitler's Youth
H.R. 1444 / H.R. 1388

Islamic finance terms:
Islamic Finance 101
Un Islamic Financial Corp
MN Housing New Morg. Program
Murabaha Agreement (pdf)
A small but growing industry
Faith Based Products
Landmark Achievement
LaRiba / Devon Bank
Halal-Lists Banks
Amana Mutual Funds Trust

Obsession the Movie
Fitna the Movie
Home grown Jihad

Ahmadinejad's alt Christmas msg
Top 10 Quran quotes every woman MUST SEE
A World without Torah
South American union created


Prayer Shawl
Numbers Teaching Text Prayer
The Shema
The Aaronic Blessing

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Holy Days / Holidays

Rosh Hashana
About the Shofar
Shofar Scriptures
Tisha B'Av

(If a Holiday is not listed, try looking here)

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Ha Tikva (Israeli National Anthem)
Interesting facts about Israel
Land Covenant Scriptures Partial List
Samson plan
Jewish Historical Outlook
Occupation of the West Bank

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Spiritual Warfare

May 27, 2009 Revelation notice
Armies of God Scriptures
Rise Fall of Democratic Society
The Real Meaning of Halloween
Political Correctness
Those Who voted against English as official language
Dominion Scriptures

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Islam & the Koran

Muslim Demographics
Hamas in its own words (Hamas Charter)
Koran Verses
Biblical & Islamic Narrative similarities last days
The Muslim Jesus
A Homeland for the Palestinians
Irans Call for Israels Destruction
Australian Prime Minister Howard’s statement
Iran and Nuclear Weapons
Islamic power in Canada
Winston Churchill Mohammedanism
Message to President Bush

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Helps & Information

Download Resource Page
The Three Branches of Judaism
Aleppo Codex
The Seven Noahide Laws
Tanach Book Information
The Artscroll Mesorah Series
Biblical and Talmudic Medicine
Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri
Ben Stein

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Fiddler On The Roof
You could have heard a pin drop
Young Barry and the Farmer
Shofar wav Verses: Joel 2:1 Numbers 10:9
Can a good Muslim be a good American?
What did it say?
Creed & DHS extremes to sully my husband’s name
I Am A Soldier
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