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Desk of the Rabbi Archive (2011)

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October 12, 11

My fellow Warriors
I have waited until the Lord allowed me to put this out for all to see. What you will find at the end of this introduction are the things that the Lord has done which led up to what I am now opening up to you all.

The time for all believers to begin to join together and raise up the remnant has arrived. Based on the experience that I have had for the last almost 30 years, most importantly the week that I spent in CT without my wife for the first time in 9 ½ years, has led me to offer to come with my bride to anywhere that there are a group of people who would like to really enhance there war on evil while opening the door to mighty wonders, and miracles along with great healings. We are also willing to teach about the evil of today.

So it is clear, we are not starting a circuit. We will go where we are invited AND led of the Lord.

The Lord has shown us that the timing is now, as we believe that we have entered into the beginning of the end times. The Lord has also provided the technology to enable us to broadcast directly to your church or meeting place if no other way is available.

I will be sending out another Desk shortly with information on what’s going on today. Enjoy the information below and remember He who waits upon the Lord is never found wanting!


from Toni Hurshman, Admin Dir, Shofar Be Tzion Ministries:

“Adonai sefatai tiftach ufi yaggid tehillatecha.”
(Adonai S'fa-tie Teef-tack Oo-fee Ya-geed T'hee-la-teh-cha)

Oh God open my lips that my mouth may declare Your glory!

In the world, there are those who would sooner believe in a God who would smite them than a God who loves them.

In this correspondence, He’s given me an opportunity to exonerate Him as I testify of His love, declaring with the disciples in Acts 4:20, “For I cannot but speak the things which I have seen and heard.”

In early July, I received a call from Rabbi Moshe Laurie saying that the Lord was practically yelling at him to go to Connecticut and pray for me. Through his obedience to God’s specific direction, which meant traveling without his wife Martha – which he hadn’t done in 9 ½ years – spiritual warfare was engaged and healing was released.

The attack upon my body was diagnosed as a ‘frozen shoulder.’ In obedience to the Lord, Rabbi laid hands upon me and my shoulder blade realigned 2 inches. I could then raise my arm as much as 8 inches where before I could hardly lift it at all. The healing continues to become manifest day by day as I move in faith.

While in Connecticut, Rabbi and I went about sounding the shofars and taking dominion. It wasn’t any ‘organized movement’ but rather taking dominion throughout the course of the day, where ever the Lord led us. When we did banking, shopping visiting etc – the everyday activities now were elevated to the time for taking dominion and sounding the shofars.

As we sounded, we would often have people come and ask us about what the shofars were and what we were doing, which gave Rabbi the opportunity to minister and share the good news of Yeshua, Jesus.

One instance of sounding the shofar clearly revealed the need for spiritual warfare in the body of Christ overall. As we sounded, a couple came over. The woman asked about the shofars. As Rabbi explained the Scriptural references and significance of them, he started to say “So, if you hear this sound and no one is around, you better …” and she cut him off and said, “Run!” “No … look up.” he said, finishing his sentence.

The reason that this encounter reveals the need in the Body of Christ is that this woman told us that she is a deacon of a local church!

Through prayer and the sounding of the shofars to take dominion, a man with a collapsing spine suffering nerve damage in his right hand, causing it to be so spasmodic as to be unusable for the past 2 years, was healed.

The significance to this healing was that as the Rabbi prayed ‘cellular regeneration’, his hands heated up to the point of being painful. Rabbi shared afterward that in all the years that he has been praying for others, this had never happened before.

Because of the degree of warfare that the Lord was releasing through us, He told Rabbi that the battle had to be brought to Illinois. Rabbi asked that I pray about going with him.

When the Lord brought me to the place of recognizing that it was His direction to go, I let the Rabbi know. This was on a Monday. He was going back on Wednesday. The Lord opened up a way for me to not only go on the same plane as Rabbi but there was still a sale price available that would normally have been snapped up weeks before, when it was first offered.

That night in my Scriptural reading, the Lord gave me the following:

(Marginal note: The promise of swift passage to, and conquest of, the land)

“Behold! I send an angel before you to protect you on the way, and to bring you to the place that I have made ready. Beware of him – hearken to his voice, do not rebel against him, for he will not forgive your willful sin – for My Name is within him. For if you hearken to his voice and carry out all that I shall speak, then I shall be the enemy of your enemies and persecute your persecutors.”

Stone Tanach Exodus 23:20-22

When we arrived in Illinois, the spiritual warfare continued. Again, wherever we went, the shofars were sounded and dominion was taken in the Lord’s Name.

In the first service at Congregation Adat Ariel, Rabbi’s congregation in Illinois, we shared the testimony of what had been going on so far. Rabbi prayed for healing for one brother and by the time he got back to his seat, he found that he had received a healing for his right arm.

Another brother, who was raising his arms up in praise and worship at this, realized with a start that he hadn’t been able to raise his hands over his head like that without pain for the last 2 years!

Another believer called her sister to see if she would want Rabbi to come to where she was and pray. She said yes.

This woman was an ice dancer with her husband. He recently dropped her on her head and she was now in the hospital with head, spinal and jaw injuries as a result.

When we went to Indiana, where she was located, and entered her room, she was in a brace from under her neck to at least mid torso, as far as we could see. She was only moving her toes and she couldn’t turn her head but followed with her eyes.

He prayed for her – he prayed for the Lord’s shalom - peace - to come and kept his hands over her.

When the Lord directed him to finish, she was moving her legs at the knees – lifting them –and could turn her head to follow whoever was speaking to her. She was a fierce believer and had faith that her healing would come, which is why she agreed to have Rabbi come and pray.

As a witness, I can tell you that as Rabbi spoke peace to her, it permeated the whole room –going out like ripples on the pond. I felt my body and spirit melt into a peace that was immediate and tangible.

The woman in the bed next to her ended up asking for prayer also!

And so it is that the Lord doesn’t make one-sided blessings!

When we left, Martha and I looked at Rabbi’s hands. They were still very hot, mottled deep red and white, and had a glistening sheen upon them. They looked like they were covered with oil – which they were but it was from the move of the Holy Spirit being released through him.

One of the things that Rabbi shared in that first service at Adat was the teaching of the Centurion – that the word of spiritual authority from Yeshua/Jesus was enough to heal from afar. A sister at that service took the teaching to heart. She received a call from her mother the next day, saying she was in great pain. The sister prayed for her from afar. She received a call from her mother the following day saying that she was now pain free.

There are numerous other examples of the healing that was released. If I tried to capture them all here, this would go on for quite a while. But the common denominator was that God, in His loving devotion to them all, met them where they were at, revealing His intimate relationship with them through believers willing to stand on His Word and take dominion.

Also, the key to all this is that the people who were healed not only believed, but acted upon that belief. They had faith and then put it into action!

It is what must be done in these days. Faith needs to abide in action, as directed by the Lord. There are no gray areas anymore. What that translates into Scripturally is that God’s blessings and cursings are upon the table. While the consequences have always been high, they are now more immediate.

I want to encourage you all that read this. The Lord is releasing Himself to all who trust in Him and His Word.

In Numbers 10:9 in the Stone Tanach, it says:

“When you go to wage war in your land against an enemy who oppresses you, you shall sound short blasts of the trumpets, and you shall be recalled before HaShem, your God, and you shall be saved from your foes.”

“... recalled before HaShem ...” means that HaShem will remember you. Rabbi shared that this doesn’t mean that He ever forgot you but that He will, from your action here, remember that you remembered to call upon Him in time of need. You trusted in Him to deliver you and He won’t forget that.

I encourage all of you to act in such a way as to give HaShem the opportunity to remember that you trusted in Him. Go forth in courage and strength that only the Lord can give. Take up the mantle of Grace and do that which the Lord commands you in this time of spiritual warfare ... hear from the Lord and do, brothers and sisters.

There is a peace that abiding in the Lord’s will gives you that enables you to continue on in what ever assignment – what ever trial – what ever crisis – what ever the day deals you – with conviction and steadfastness so that you may run the race to completion.

Remember – winning for us means, often times, continuing to the finish and not turning away or giving up.

Be encouraged in the Lord. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit rise up within you. Take your place as believers in the One True Living God, unwilling to submit or give way to the enemy of life. Rise up and take dominion in the way you were created to do.

Baruch HaShem - Blessed be His Holy Name


Be Blessed and Stand.
In service to The King,
Rabbi Moshe Laurie

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Shofar Be Tzion Ministries
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May 25, 11

My Fellow Warriors,
I have just seen an abomination. Something I never thought that I would see in my life.

I listened to the President of the United States giving a speech to the joint Parliament of England, and in that speech he lauded, blessed, approved of the free market of the United States of America. Then, with the forked tongue that he has been speaking untruths with, he went on and praised the greatness and development of the United States and of England as the ones who have been key in developing freedoms in the world, and the free market helping places like India, China, and other countries to grow and to expand.

Then, without missing a beat, he turned around and began to expose and espouse his true meaning behind his words … which is to begin selling to the whole world the One World government, human (but not equal) rights to all, the One World economy, putting the power into one group, one hand, one way, so that this one elite group can decide who shall have and who shall not have. Of course, they will do this in the name of equality, in the name of justice, social justice. And in that social justice they shall tell you that no one group should ever have the power again to cause economic disruption in the world. That no one group should ever have the power or ability to grow beyond what this elitist group shall decide will or will not affect the rest of the world.

My brothers and sisters, I tell you that looking upon this speech, and other things that this president and other people around him have been doing, there is now absolutely no doubt in my mind that they are out not only for the destruction of the United States as we know it, but also for the benefit and creation of a world power that shall relegate the United States, England, and Israel … well, Israel they have the destruction of her in mind, for the economic and social destruction of the United States so that we can be one of little cogs in the wheel that shall help to rise up the Anti-Christ.

Whether he is the antichrist or not, I doubt it very seriously, but I do know that he is a weapon and a tool of the devil. This is absolutely one of the major signs now, that when he should be campaigning here in the United States, he is taking a swing through Europe and the world to supposedly unify his allies.

Yet these allies have all abandoned us, of which 12 major leaders including the Prime Minister of Israel have said no to him, but yet what is he really espousing? He is espousing One World government, One World economy, One World currency, and eventually One World religion, which will have very little, if anything ever, to do with God. It will have a god, but not the God that we know of.

He, the President, was busy telling the Parliament of England that we all in the world are going to have to be ready for changes, to make new friends, and I wonder if those new friends that he’s planning on having us make are Muslims that we must compromise with.

I leave that for your prayer and for your thought. And I call upon you to go out as you never have before, to become more vocal, as I have said in the last Desk, to join together in organizations and groups and say no to the destruction of the United States of American, and to say no to this destruction by evil, and to say no to the darkness that is coming upon our world today.

We must also join together in bringing the Good News of the Word of God, and the good news that our country is still a very vibrate, powerful economic engine. As the Islamic terrorist warriors have said, they can never break our military power or our economic power, but the Islamists believe that they can break our spirit.

This is what Obama and the rest of the world of Marxism, Socialism, Humanism, and all the ‘ism’s that the devil has taken to cover the true meaning of evil, are out to accomplish - to break our spirit.

I will be repetitive in this…America is still the greatest economic power in the world. America is still the bastion of freedom. We are still the light to the world. If the light is allowed to be snuffed out here, the darkness shall reign for a very long time upon this earth. And according to the Bible, we the remnant, we the believers of today are responsible individually and corporately for bringing the light into the streets and into the world to overcome this darkness. Just say no.

Be Blessed and Stand.

In service to The King,
Rabbi Moshe Laurie

Once again, we would like to announce that Rabbi Moshe Laurie’s public access show “Truth in Life” will return to Connecticut on Tuesday, May 24, 11 at 7 pm EST on channel 12 Comcast and channel 19 on Thames Valley Communications.

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Also, you can access WGGH archived Truth in Life radio show audio at Biblevoiceusa.com along with many other resources and information available to you there for your convenience.


Ahmadinejad now claims that the drought in Iran is cause by Israel and the West because we have drained the water out of the clouds before they get to Iran. He says that he will strike us for this.


Shofar Be Tzion Ministries
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May 20, 11

Those of you who have been with me for any extended period of time realize that I have been talking about “the great and terrible day” being upon us.

But, each and every time I have said this, I have clarified that it is not “the” with a capital T-H-E great and terrible day of the Lord. That is when we truly, finally in my opinion, enter into the beginning of the end times where all things that have been lined up shall begin to happen in an accelerated time.

I have warned you … I have told you … I have cried out to you … I have beseeched you to become strong in the Lord, to be founded in the Word of God, to know who you are and who God is, what your rights, your obligations, and your benefits are.

I can tell you clearly that on May 19th 2011, we have crossed that line and we are now in THE Great and Terrible Day that the Lord has spoken about. And now I call upon you as fellow warriors to stop any compromise in your lives that you may have had, in the spirit or in the flesh. Turn fully to the Lord ‘cause this is the time that I have prepared you and myself for years and years and years … that we must now turn toward the Truth in fullness, not just in our prayer closets, but in public. Wherever we are from this moment on, we must speak with boldness.

The President of the United States has stated publicly that he thinks the peace agreement should go back to the 1967 borders, and that should be the starting point from the side of Israel.

Not only has he done that which breaks the promise of the United States of America that it made to Israel in 2006 stating that if Israel would give up Gaza in exchange for true peace, then America would never, I repeat, quote, “never ask Israel to return to the 1967 borders”.

This, by the by, is a death sentence and the beginning of the utter destruction of Israel if it is allowed to happen.

Abba Eban, the former minister in Israel and one of our greatest statesmen, said that the pre-1967 borders, are the Auschwitz borders, the final solution borders where Israel would be destroyed.

So, here we have America breaking its promise. Three days before this, Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and president of the Palestinian National Authority which now is in cahoots with Hamas which still advocates the destruction of Israel, put an article in New York Times which is an absolute figment of his imagination, and a total lie and fabrication. He stated that Israel, before the Declaration of Independence on that wonderful day of May 15, 1948, ran the Arabs out so they would have a plurality of Jews. This is a lie. I’ve taught you many, many times about this. If some of you out there don’t know the truth, we would be happy to re-release another paper on that.

So, you have on the 16th Abbas’ statement and on the 19th the President of the United States makes his statement. Now let me tell you what else this does.

This tells the enemies of Israel, the militants, the terrorists, the murderers, that they may now go forth and do whatever they want with violence, terrorism, and murder, and America will sit quietly.

Well, at this point I must tell you that America is not the President of the United States. America is ‘we the people’, and if you do not feel rage as you have heard him say that or when you are reading this, if you do feel a welling up in your spirit of the injustice, whether you are for Israel or not, then pray.

This is the injustice of trying to deny a people their right of existence.

Both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, and all the other surrounding nations have said they will settle for nothing less than the utter destruction of Israel as a Jewish nation and the murdering of all Jews.

I would like to remind you that it was the Arabs with the Mufti of Jerusalem, who helped the Nazis learn really how to do what they did. This may horrify you, but it’s the truth, as well as the head of propaganda for the Nazis actually learning their propaganda from President Wilson’s people, back here in the United States.

I know that this sounds a bit far afield, but I am calling upon you to take your stand now. There is a lot of other information that you need to know about. Such as, the Wahhabi sect of Islam which is Saudi Arabian, when they actually created Saudi Arabia, the Imams, the heads of the Muslim religion, the Wahhabi, came to the King of Saudi Arabia, which was just now being spoken into existence by the British, and said, “Look, you can have all of the oil, you can have all of the money, you can have all the cars, and you can have everything that you want, but you must finance our religion.”

So since the late 20’s, early 30’s, Saudi Arabia has financed mosques and teachings all around the world.

Last time I looked about 10-12 years ago, there were over 33,000 mosques and midrashim, those are the schools, financed by Saudi Arabia. Some of the most violent ones here in the United States are financed by Saudi money, and are the Wahhabis. Most of the advisors of the President of the United States are Arab, Muslim, affiliated with terrorist organizations.

I know this may horrify you, and you say, “What can you do about that?” I will tell you. So, just so you don’t get confused, this is the plot to destroy Israel, the little satan, and when they get finished with destroying the little satan, they’re going to come after the big satan – the United States of America.

And here’s another thing, the United States government is not permitted to finance, according to their twisted interpretation of the Constitution, churches in America. Muslims in Muslim lands will not permit churches to be built, and in a lot of the 57 nations, if a church is damaged, it is not allowed to be repaired.

The educational and health branch of the State Department around the Arab nations has been financing mosques and the building of mosques since 2008, after Obama got into office, and they think it’s a great deal. They’re building mosques all over the Mideast supposedly for the good of our relations with Islam.

Listen, I could go on and on and on. I am going to stop here and tell you this … we are now on the cusp of a decision. Will you claim back the United States of America as ‘we the people’? Not just in the coming election, but TODAY! I know that many many many of you have been unceasingly writing, e-mailing and carrying on about what they need to know, and you’ve gotten disgusted. One of the greatest propaganda machines created by the Left, our media, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, and all these organizations have worked to do one thing, to discourage people like us, and we must say, “We don’t care what we hear or see with our eyes. We know what the Bible says, and the Word of God says that we are more than conquerors in Him … that we have the strength and the power.” And I want to remind you all that there are more of us then there are of them. Speak up. Stand up. Go forth.

The next quick short issue is you need to look what’s going on in your schools again. You need to look at what’s going on with your local doctors also. You need to scream at them, especially you people in Florida. Doctors are now not allowing certain practices or not accepting fat people because they’re afraid of the liabilities and what the government will do to them. Many many things are going on.

The Left is seeding all our agencies with their disease and sickness to destroy the United States.

The next question you have to ask our government is about this: they say NATO and the Allies are rocketing and bombing Libya, and they are trying to help Syria. I would like you to find out and see where you get to translate NATO as the United States - expending our ordinance, our weapons, our money, in the name of NATO. I happen to know for a fact that nobody else in NATO has these many rockets and bombs and planes. We need to demand clarification.

By the way, the Libyan rebel chiefs are near a deal with Khaddafi behind NATO’s back. They’re going to make peace among themselves, and Khaddafi and them are going to tell America to go to heck.

So I would like to wind up with this, be strong in the Lord. Lean not to your own understanding. Trust in Him, and know that if you don’t stand now before Him and do that which you need to do as believers, you shall surely kneel before the enemy, and then it will be too late to cry out.

P.S. – If you find this helpful, please send us a short, I repeat, a short note to say so.

Bless you all, and let us pray for one another and have strength in Him.

In service to The King,
Rabbi Moshe Laurie

THIS IS AN ALERT! I have just been informed that the President of the United States has informed his attorneys to work out how to bypass Congress yet again under the War Powers Act … that he will not go to Congress for the War Powers Act to continue to bomb Libya and continue in a war zone without the permission of Congress or the people of the United States.

I call upon you now not just to go screaming and yelling about that, but you need to join a group of like-minded people or create a group of like-minded people that can take to the streets politically and physically, NOT violently, and spiritually. You need to increase your numbers. Join together!

Bless you.

~ Some new items and reminders ~

We would like to announce that Rabbi Moshe Laurie’s public access show “Truth in Life” will return to Connecticut on Tuesday, May 24, 11 at 7 pm EST on channel 12 Comcast and channel 19 on Thames Valley Communications.

Also, those of you who have been listening to the “Truth in Life Today” live call-in radio show on WGGH 1150 am every Saturday from 10 am – 12pm, if you go to WGGH.net – select Listen Live and then select Video, you will be able to see the Rabbi live in streaming video during the broadcasts.

Remember, you can access WGGH archived shows at Biblevoiceusa.com and many other resources and information available to you there for your convenience.

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May 5, 11

My Fellow Warriors,
Osama Ben Laden is dead … killed by the greatest and most honorable military force in the world. But, the evil that he represented shall rise up another head! Just like the hydra, a mythical monster with many heads, as you chop one off another shall rise.

The Blessing is that the Lord God of Abraham has given us the weapon that is sufficient to cut off ALL the heads that the evil of today shall grow. That is, if the wielder of that sharp weapon is a believer … not just any believer but a believer founded in the word, founded in his or her belief that the Lord God is real in all, I repeat ALL, of HIS word. Then will you all have the power granted by HIM to defeat the evil of today! Then shall goodness and mercy reign across the earth and then shall the Messiah return. (As it said "in His perfect timing, as only He will know when)

I am sure you have noticed that there have been no Desks of the Rabbi for a very long time. First, this will be rectified and more shall be coming out but know also that I wait upon the Lord for His direction.

We have, for a very long time, been a voice in the wilderness speaking about the evils of today. I am happy to say there are many more voices out there now and there must be many more. Of course they do not cover all the evils of today, especially the one that is a great portion of the US government.

Now, to the meat of this correspondence…

I have been lead of the Lord to begin, in a major way, to bring you the next level of empowerment; by His Word and through His word. It will be the full understanding of what the Lord has been telling His sages through out history. So my warriors, it is time to gird up your loins and join me in going face-to-face with the devil directly as well as equipping the saints, as well as yourselves, and expanding the remnant to its largest possible size.

We will continue to keep you informed of things that others do not mention - such as the EPA suspending the license of 79 mining operations in the US.

It has also just taken authority over all bodies of water, even the small pond in your back yard, but fear not - the Lord is with you and with His help, we will show you how to continue to stand against the evil of this day and just say no. Along that line you will find enclosed in this e-mail, as a one-time catch-up measure, the Face book notices that I have sent out from October of last year up to today.

If you can, you may join Face book - it is free and safe. You may go to our website www.shofarbetzion.com to go to the Face Book section, click on like and it will walk you through the signup. You can also join Twitter at this same site. We have the live, call-in radio show Truth in Life on every Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 pm CST on WGGH 1150 am radio. The audio has been available as streaming but you can now see live video streaming at WGGH.net. This is also located at our website and you can access archived audio of the previous shows.

For those of you who may have missed some of the “from the Desk of the Rabbi” e-mails, they are archived at www.shofarbetzion.com also. You can pass on to others that they can sign up to receive “from the Desk of the Rabbi” for free by typing in deskoftherabbi.com in the address window of your internet address line (Note: it is not an E-mail address.) That will bring you to the sign-up site.

October 2010: Rabbi Moshe Laurie Welcome to a Warrior's page where you will find the Truth as we know it, both in the spirit and in the world. October 14, 2010 at 3:05pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie WARRIOR ALERT A new strategy has arisen to put us to sleep as they build mosque after mosque, except now they are calling them community centers for religious education and the unity of all faiths. This is untrue. The Koran forbids Muslims from taking part in any other society except to convert or destroy it. (to be continued) October 19, 2010 at 2:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie For those who know me and my teaching, you know that I do not condemn Muslims because they are Muslim, only if they follow the whole Koran as written. If you like you may go to www.biblevoiceusa.com and listen to my in-depth teaching. Shofar Be Tzion Ministries www.biblevoiceusa.com Rabbi Moshe Laurie, Congregation Adat Ariel & Shofar Be Tzion . October 19, 2010 at 2:38pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Do not listen to the or tv or radio or news adds about the election, believe nothing the candidate did not say of do up until 3 months ago. this is not a local election. Its National for our faith and the survival of our Nation. Vote your convictions NOT sound bites October 23, 2010 at 1:48pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie There is a shooting war going on without you know in Iran. You can listen to todays Truth in Life today to know all about it we touched it in the second hour. You may listen by going to biblevoiceusa.com to hear the rewind after Shabbat. (Monday) Blessings October 23, 2010 at 1:52pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please note that the dems and all the left organizations are willing to do ANYTHING to win this election. You all have the right, if you have tome to be around the voting places. Bring a camera or recording devises, if you see anything out of the ordinary be ready to report. Remember you must vote what you believe in. ANY I REPEAT ANY vote for a Dem is a vote for reed and palosi.ANY I REPEAT ANY vote for s Dem is a vote for reed and palosi. October 28, 2010 at 9:58pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie WARRIOR ALERT. The muslims are coming together in Carbondale IL at a religious center with other false faiths to spend 24 hour reading the Koran. This Friday Saturday before halloween to take dominion. We believers must join to pray for Gods will over this evil and HIS will to release good. Tune in to WGGH 1150 am Saturday between 10AM entral and 11AM to hear what you need to watch out for in your schools and churches. You can also liste to www.wggh.net streaming live at these same hour or we have the rewinds at www.biblevoiceusa.com to listen when you cannot listen live.turday between 10AM central and 11AM to hear what you need to watch out for in you schools and church's. you can also listen to www,wggh.net streaming live at these same hour or we have the rewinds at www.biblevoiceusa.com to listen when you cannot listen live Shofar Be Tzion Ministries www.biblevoiceusa.com Rabbi Moshe Laurie, Congregation Adat Ariel & Shofar Be Tzion . October 28, 2010 at 10:06pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you have not signed up for the newsletter deskoftherabbi or did not receive this last one, you can sign up by going to deskoftherabbi.com which is the signup page. you may also read the older ones by going to www.biblevoiceusa.com October 28, 2010 at 10:10pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Be aware that the terrorist have just begun to try to attack, there are at least 20 bomb packages in play from Yemen. The us knows exactly where the terrorists are in Yemen and have kept them penned in With unmaned missiles while trying to get permission from the president of yemen to attack. We already have the uss Boxer with marines and copters to do the Job. Let’s pray for God’s will while telling our president.er with marines and copters to do the Job. Let's us pray for Gods will while telling our preside October 31, 2010 at 5:02pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Continued from our president: to stop letting a leader of a terrorist country who is try to play both sided of the fence, one as our ally another as our enemy. This is why the government has to be changed. This is not just an election it's a deliverance from evil. Vote your conscience, but make sure you vote. Please pass these words on to who so ever you think might need to hear them.ss these words to who so ever you think might need to hear them October 31, 2010 at 5:11pm November 2010:

Rabbi Moshe Laurie MY FELLOW WARRIORS: Do not, Do not change your mind at this late date about who you will vote for because of a sound bite. The devil never gets right in your face, he just trys to move you a little. To bring a little doubt, to change your mind. Let us stand together for the truth of the Lord, for the American way as our forefathers put it before. Freedom and justice fo all. Under God Indivisible.r forefathers put it before. Freedom and justice for all. Under God Indivisible. November 1, 2010 at 8:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI: Effectual fatwa is an order that is given by a Muslim under the authority Of Mohammed that can and must be carried out even if the order is for someones death, no matter what the cost to the person that carries it out.. November 1, 2010 at 8:44pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Warriors: be aware this is only the beginning of the final battle between good and evil, I will be posting info on sharia law and what u need to defend against to protect this country. Ley anyone who is interested sign on November 2, 2010 at 8:29pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The Beulah cumberland presbyterian church has on its sign out front "first chrislamic congregation. Baptisms and Salat al jummah. Even my spell checker thinks this is an abomination.this is a church in Houston along with churches in atlanta, seattle and detroit have started sermons they think will produce ecumenical reconciliation. This is a lie as well as a fantasy. They say there will be reconciliation. This is a lie as well as a fantasy November 5, 2010 at 1:32pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Korans and Bibles side by side. The koran forbids it. This is just another trick to get us to submit to the teaching of the false religion of Islam. I will be focusing on this in the first hour of our radio show. You can listen either on wggh 1150 AM over the air or we are streaming on www.wggh.net between 10 AM and 11 AM Central time. We will also cover this 200 million dollar a day trip of the president.! AM Central time. we will also cover this 200 million dollar a day trip of the president. November 5, 2010 at 1:41pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie As we celebrate the Marine Corps birthday and Veterans Day. I would like to remind everyone that each one of the more then 8 million vets that are here made a Covenant to protect and defend the flag and for what it stands from threats from without and within. Everyone that has said the pledge of allegiance to the flag and for what it stands has also made a Covenant to protect and defend liberty freedom and continued November 7, 2010 at 6:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie From continued: Justice for all. And just like there is no such thing as a former Marine, there is no such thing as a former veteran of any service as well as those who have Covenanted before the Lord to protect that which our Lord has given to the USA. We are the last light left in the world of darkness. There are more of us then them. Let us all stand together to protect and defend no matter the cost. Be not afraid, November 7, 2010 at 6:43pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie As this president travels and tells the world that we are to blame for all the ills of the world we must prepare both spiritually and physically to defend against what he is about to do when he gets to this meeting of the 20 leaders of finance in the world. The pres. is going to begin to agree that we the US must make some sort of payments for all the supposed damage we have done. November 10, 2010 at 8:53am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I was asked if you all might repost my posts. Please feel free any where, the word must go forward November 10, 2010 at 11:16am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Here we go: the meeting of the G20 that group I spoke of earlier, are pushing a robin hood bill "take from the rich nations (us) and give to the poor (them) Now is the time to scream any way you know, Email letters newspapers etc. NO MR PRESIDENT November 10, 2010 at 6:06pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Brethren: this one of little knowledge of face book thinks because of the type of page I have you can only cut and paste in order to share, if anyone finds different please let me know by comment, Blessings November 10, 2010 at 7:50pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie It has been brought to my attention that the pres. is being looked at very closely by some of his staff and the VP. His conduct has been defined as unstable as well as erratic. We must pray for him, as long and he is president he controls powers beyond understanding, such as launch codes etc (continued) November 12, 2010 at 1:20pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie (continued) therefore let us pray for his salvation and Gods will in his life. Let us also pray that we all have the God given power and boldness to stand against these people in congress that think even though we voted them out they can do what they wish with this last month. Let us JUST SAY NO. Through all the media and by our mouths. Be bold Trust In The Lord. November 12, 2010 at 1:26pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie the office of the president of the US is try to bribe bully force or just plain lie to Israel in order to get the to continue the so called peace process when there really isn't any. This is so y he may continue the lie that he is a friend of Israel. Even those closest to the president have begun to fear his actions. We must let those in the white house and congress how unhappy we are also. Emails and call, NOW November 13, 2010 at 9:07pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Here we go with the bribes, Israel has been promised the f35 fighters in exchange for a 90 day freeze in construction in the areas. The PM of Israel and his advisers have approved it. It's now up to the Knesset. Email the prime minister of Israel as well as the white house. Stop this fraud. November 14, 2010 at 7:07pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Next bribe to Israel. Cooperation at the UN, this is not a bribe but a treat to continue to sell out Israel, further info to follow including the truth why Obama may be asked not to run by the Dems. If u know anyone who needs this info pass it on or have them sign on. November 15, 2010 at 12:23pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie There is no share button for me but you may cut and paste into your share. November 15, 2010 at 3:41pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Here's the new lie on a lie, it's a lie by omission. On TV they said the US will give Israel 20 long range planes that can get to Iran. The only problem is the 20! F35s are not yet built. Do not be still or silent. November 15, 2010 at 3:45pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie so look what happens when you put the safety of our nation in the hands of leftists and people who think terrorism is comparable to bank robbery. A man who murdered 224 people, the man who prepared the bomb and the car which murdered all those people is found guilty one count of conspiracy. We must not allow this to continue. The terrorists are laughing and now will come harder against us. Do not be silent! November 18, 2010 at 11:27am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I will be sending information soon about a bill in IL SB1716 that endangers marriage as we know it. The gov. is pushing it as quick as he can because it will have nation wide implications, negative ones. They are not satisfied with their rights but wish to impose their way of life upon us. More to follow. November 18, 2010 at 1:41pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The second thing is it states that any other same sex marriage anywhere shall be recognized in the state of IL. again setting precedent for same sex acceptance nation wide. Beware what’s going on in a bill after it is entered into debate if you do not follow the additions and the substitutions you can be tricked. BE aware! November 18, 2010 at 9:03pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie This bill when written was bad, since then 2 things with the wording, this act defines civil union as a legal relationship between 2 persons of either the same sex or opposite sex etc. look it up. The first problem is there is no need to include members of the opposite sex in this bill unless you plan to use this as a precedent setting move to move marriage out of the civil realm driving it only into the church November 18, 2010 at 8:58pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie to the published reports of a US Israel deal because it does not exist. November 18, 2010 at 9:21pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie commitment, this document has not been provided. It is now obvious that the document will not be forth coming HERES THE BEST PART David Hale Deputy us Special envoy to the Middle East with George Mitchell to tell the head of the Palestinian authority Abbas to pay no attention November 18, 2010 at 9:20pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Oh Yes here we go with the end of the story of the attempted bribe of Israel, my sources are calling it the US-Israel incentives-freeze deal that never was. As u remember the liar in chief promised Israel 20 F35s for purchase, and then when that did not fly the pres promised another 20 F35s that he, the US would pay for, that's 3 billion dollars. The only problem was the Israel Gov wanted a written document November 18, 2010 at 9:14pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie hope this is not too much at one time. But George Soros has told his crew that if this President can't get the job done he would have to find someone else. I guess we now know for sure who the puppet master has been. Oh last but not least, there are leftist group begging the president to declare himself a dictator. Do not believe me check it out. MOST important continue to pray for GODS will in our nation and trust. November 18, 2010 at 9:26pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Food safety bill s510 in the senate must not pass. They are trying to push it through on the lame duck session. So far no go the will try again after thanksgiving break they have been trying since 2009. Do not be still do not be silent. See you this AM on WGGH 1150 AM radian or Wggh.net streaming between 10am and 12pm CST November 20, 2010 at 6:12am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie well another sellout by our Pres. of us and Israel. The US guarantees for Israel of a missile shield is worthless, why? It is to be based in Turkey from NATO but under the command of a Turkish general. hmmm - let me see, the president of turkey now hates Israel is a rabid Muslim and said in the NATO meeting that Iran and Syria should be omitted from the need to defend against them. These conditions among others November 20, 2010 at 8:18pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie As you can see, fox and other news sources are finally say what we have told u all. One reinforcement Abbas wants Jerusalem. Keep praying and remember! If it was not for our Lord God Almighty we would have very little to give thanks for. Happy Thanksgiving November 22, 2010 at 9:20am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If u have not heard, the developer of the 911 site mosque made an application for federal funding for almost 50 million dollars. With a whole lot of baloney about social services. Tell everyone you can reach out to, it's federal which means our money. Tell them no no, under any circumstance. Remember once it’s built the can do what ever they want. November 23, 2010 at 8:48am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Just a little something you should look into and pray about, since 1999 the Arabs have tried to pass a resolution called Defamation of religions Resolution. Of course the only religion it protects is Islam as it does away with free speech. The US has said they are voting against as they have every year. But with this president let us make sure the US does. Let us Pray. November 23, 2010 at 10:02pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie my previous post was about the UN, now you have Russia and china agreeing to do all their business with their own currency instead of the US dollar. Its part of the world socialist plot to over throw the US dollar and create a one world currency with the UN (useless nations) at the core. Please be ready to stand against anyone or thing that tries to make this happen. Internally or externally. Blessings November 24, 2010 at 12:58pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI, Today the North Koreans fire rockets again, it is because when they fired the first time the US went on full alert, an automatic and justified reaction for an attack on our allies. But your president call off the alert as not to upset anyone more then needed, an absolute sign of weakness which makes our enemy bolder. We must respond to our Gov. and military demanding a greater response or we will be attacked November 26, 2010 at 3:36pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you would like more info on this and the true reasoning behind things going on in our security in and around the US Please tune into WGGH 1150 AM radio or www.wggh.net at 10AM to 12Noon central time, all are welcome and the call in number is 618-997-2305 or 618-993-8102 WGGH Radio - About WGGH - Southern Illinois Newest Talk Radio www.wggh.net November 26, 2010 at 3:42pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I pray you enjoyed the radio show, if you did not hear it you can get it at our website www.biblevoiceusa.com Do not forget these next 4 weeks are the most important to keep our so call government cover with our Email let those sticking around that we can still throw them out do not give up Do not Be still or silent leave no chance to speak to whosoever unused. http://www.biblevoiceusa.com/ www.biblevoiceusa.com November 28, 2010 at 9:23pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie You never know who you speak to really is, and how they may influence the out come of something important. One voice and one voice and one voice, makes the majority. November 28, 2010 at 9:26pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Our website www.biblevoiceusa.com is up and running and our last show are up with the rest, thanks for keep us informed, blessings. Try to enjoy coming face to face without the evil of today. November 29, 2010 at 6:33am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Beware, while the right hand of the Gov. is flapping and waving; keep your eyes on the left hand which might be signing an executive order or some treaty. Bath the white house and congress especially now with the demand that they listen to we the people. November 30, 2010 at 7:17am

December 2010: Rabbi Moshe Laurie Bills that we have been talking about such s510 has passed in IL and the gov has signed it. This is why we have to come against seers and his crowd. The governors he has in his pocket. We also as of jan1 have to come against these laws they are trying to put in. More to come. December 2, 2010 at 4:41pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please listen, the people behind the evil of today want you to begin hating the government no Matter who is in charge so when you have had enough you will rise up and the evil ones believe out of this total disorder. They will bring order. The order of evil with us as slaves December 3, 2010 at 5:26pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie You say that can never happen! Slavery is a relative thing. So for every action you take you must be ready to stand for the Lord what ever the cost. Pass this on to as many as you can. December 3, 2010 at 5:27pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI: There are union leaders and leaders of public groups as well as private, publicly calling for violent revolution. Last I heard this is treason or at the very least incitement to violence. Its time we stop letting this happen. SPEAK UP! December 5, 2010 at 3:26pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie THIS IS NOT IN CHINA OR RUSSIA This is in the USA. Its time we all call for the equal enforcement of the LAW. Only you and I can cause this to happen. WE THE PEOPLE stand behind and for the constitution of the US. Our forefathers said it will not stand alone; we the people must stand with and for it. NOW December 5, 2010 at 3:29pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie CORRECTION: the gov. of IL. has not signed s510 there is still time to help him understand how unhappy we are with him and this bill. Also, all the other people in his government. Also watch out for this type of bill in other states as well. When the next desk comes out you will have greater detail. December 5, 2010 at 3:32pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie March birthdays are great. Instead of birthday, we do birthday month. Credit for that to our Toni. December 9, 2010 at 11:08pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie This is a test - it's kept me from sending for days. The devil doesn't like what I'm doing December 16, 2010 at 8:08pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie As I have said like a man doing magic trick, they wave one hand while tricking u with the other. Do you all know that the Gov has suspended drilling for oil off the coasts for the next seven years and has instituted new drilling and mining rules? Do I hear the destruction of our country unless we do something about this? Also this Budget cannot pass as they want. More to follow. December 16, 2010 at 10:28pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie We must pray and email and call to prevent the treaty with Russia from being ratified. and if it is we must overturn it at the first of the year, another thing to weaken us and set us up for defeat. Stand firm fear thou Not. December 18, 2010 at 3:01pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie This is the photo of the mad hatters segment we speak about on our radio show "Truth in Life Today" on WGGH 1150 AM every Saturday between 10 AM and 12 Noon central time December 18, 2010 at 3:14pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie And it begins!! I have seen that the world wide trend has begun to isolate Israel from the rest of the world. The purpose of course is Israel's extinction. The real problem is that the US led by Obama is leading the charge against Israel. I will be releasing a desk of the rabbi before the end of the year with all the info I have promised. December 20, 2010 at 1:43pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The blessings about this persecution of Israel is that it is Biblical, so fear not what is approaching, lean not to you own understanding, trust the Lord! I will be filling in all the info I have promised by sending out a desk of the rabbi before the first of the year. If you or anyone you know has not signed up, to deskoftherabbi.com it is a sign up page - don't use www in front of it. December 20, 2010 at 1:53pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Does it not bother anybody that the FCC is passing rules to control the internet the day after Chaves from Venezuela takes over the internet in his country. Both of them saying it for the protection of the people. We need to scream, right after the first of the year we need to demand a stop to all this. December 21, 2010 at 11:28pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie does it not bother anybody that this people are about to sign a treaty that maybe be equal at 1500 nukes. but leaves Russia with 10,000 tactical nuke weapons to our 2 hundred. Does not cover multi warheads and does forbid us to change one word or move one missile. You all need to scream to everybody now by all media the moment you get this. Pass it on. December 21, 2010 at 11:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Does it not bother anybody that Chaves has gotten his congress to let him rule by decree for a year and a half. Making him absolute dictator in everything but name. And we have leftist and socialists and communists demanding publicly that our president do the same thing by using executive orders. Protect the country and the constitution or we will lose it!! Sorry for all these at once but time is up. December 21, 2010 at 11:39pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie well here is a real winner. The left forces through the Russian treaty, tells us all will be well to trust them and one of the so called people in charge did not know that 12 people in England had been arrested busting up a terror ring. FYI these things are distributed to those who choose to look. Does that not make you feel confident? We need to bust this treaty ASAP December 22, 2010 at 8:05pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I keep hearing that Islam is a Religion of peace! Well here we go. In Pakistan a Mullah that’s a religious leader offered $6,000 for the death of a Christian woman who said Jesus lives and is the true prophet. This is what we can look for if Islam continues to advance into the USA and the world. Find more info on www.biblevoiceusa.com and look at resources. Shofar Be Tzion Ministries www.biblevoiceusa.com Rabbi Moshe Laurie, Adat Ariel, Shofar Be Tzion & Bible Voice USA. December 24, 2010 at 1:43pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie MERRY CHRIST=MASS TO ALL. Remember this day HE came in the flesh to deliver us from sin and death, and now sits at the right hand of God ready for us to be blessed in HIS name. To do all things in HIS name even those things greater then HE. Rejoice in the New Year as we come face to face with evil in victory. December 25, 2010 at 7:17am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie For those of you who wonder, the “don't ask don't tell” is being done away with for the sole purpose of disrupting the only part of our government that Obama does not yet under control. That’s the military. He says the military leaders agree it’s a lie both commandant Marine Corps and head of air force do not "continued" December 25, 2010 at 9:02pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The press, says the members of the Military don't mind, yet it’s projected that 247,000 plus veteran members of the military would resign, causing major disruptions. A LT. Colonel in the army wants to be relieved of his command rather then subject his troops to pro homosexual training. Any of you who can forward this opinion to any of the talk show host or news outlets please do. And member of the congress. December 25, 2010 at 9:11pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The President and his shadow Government in cahoots with member of the socialists around the world including members and heads of other governments as well as very wealthy people who want control of the most powerful engine of profit, the USA even if they need to almost destroy it to do it. Speak up. WE ARE PRAYING FOR THE WAY TO GO BACK ON TV. December 25, 2010 at 9:16pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you would like more info on this and the true reasoning behind things going on in our security in and around the US We will be on the air Jan.1 2011 this coming Saturday Please tune into WGGH 1150 AM radio or www.wggh.net at 10AM to 12Noon central time, all are welcome and the call in number is 618-997-2305 or 618-993-8102 .Blessings... See More WGGH Radio - About WGGH - Southern Illinois Newest Talk Radio www.wggh.net December 29, 2010 at 4:35pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please as we enter into the New Year, don't let the left media bring you into thinking the new congress has not done what it is supposed to. REMEMBER they are not officially seated until next week. THEN we keep the congress's feet to the fire. Tell this to everyone you now. The left wants to wreak our spirit before we start because they know there are more of us then them and are afraid. Blessings December 30, 2010 at 12:13pm

January 2011:

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please be ready this Wednesday to speak very very loudly if Harry Reid tries to change conditions in the senate illegally, we believe there may have been a meeting among the Dems. to this end. either way be ready be diligent. Hello Olave my sister. January 2 at 9:53pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I believe the birds are a sign of the promises of the Lord and a warning that it’s getting too late to get around to it. Choose whom you will serve. You all will stand before the Lord or kneel before the enemy. Trust in HIM lean not to your own understanding and you will have life everlasting!! January 4 at 5:17pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie We have taken a very close look at all the things that have been happening in these last days. The great and terrible day is upon us. I will be covering this in great detail on our radio show on www.wggh.net at 10 AM until 12 Noon this Saturday the 8th. or you can listen to the on demand section at www.biblevoiceusa.com Hear the many cataclysmic events that are happening, many more then you have heard of. WGGH Radio - About WGGH - Southern Illinois Newest Talk Radio www.wggh.net January 7 at 2:13pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie You may also hear our show over the air on WGGH 1150 AM in the 4 state areas. If you have not accepted the Lord as you only salvation and protection in this time of tribulation, I would not wait any longer. If you not sure if you have call in to the show or at our office or just say to the Lord, YES!! January 7 at 2:17pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please be advised that the pres. is preparing to give every user of the internet an ID FOR OUR SAFETY and security. He will be using the commerce commission. We must put a stop to that as it will only be a step or two from there to dominion over us and trying to take our Lord from us. January 8 at 10:56pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Of course I understand he will never succeed in taking our Lord as we will not give Him up but we must do all we can to protect our and others freedom. HOW! Prayer and start inundating all the congress and senate and everyone you know about this attempt including newspapers and radio and TV. You can do this because we are "We the people"!! January 8 at 11:00pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie We must make sure that when the president speaks to the joint congress, that the Repubs. and the Dems. Do not sit mixed together!! The real reason they want to do that is not just for a false sense of unity but so no one can tell how many each side has and which side agrees or not. Please SCREAM to everyone on our side not to permit this. January 17 at 9:07pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I would like to remind everyone, there are more of us then there are of them. Do not be still because you know that. I have been speaking to many groups that have asked questions like "can we stop them" "oh what can we do" You must tell them or invite us to do this. The trick is we all do the telling and the teaching so all will stand. Be not afraid lean not to you own understanding January 17 at 9:10pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie You may have heard the Pres. is shutting down coal mines that already have permits. So you understand that this is a rouge Gov. that is not run by the elected people, Jay Rockefeller s is screaming that they shut a coal mine down in Virginia and plan to question 30 plus others. This is part of the plan to crash the country and not part of any clean air act... the mines already conformed, January 17 at 9:28pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Jay Rockefeller is leftist of leftists and even here does not believe how crazy the rough elements are and maybe even he does not want to lose his fortune January 17 at 9:34pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie While we are worrying about the senate and congress, the pres. continues to issue executive orders. Most of them about regulations. You all must decide what you will do if someone shows up at your door and says I have the right to inspect every inch of your house because you use water. This is no joke. Please pray and prepare. More to follow. January 19 at 8:50pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Listen not to the words of this leftist gov. only their actions. While they say and show that they are moving to the center, the gov. continues to seed all Gov. Agencies with leftist hacks. The Pres. continues to write executive orders, the most sweeping is the power to inspect and change ALL regulation to fit better. QUESTION YOU MUST ASK. To fit what better. January 21 at 2:58pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie SEE YOU ALL ON OUR RADIO SHOW TOMORROW MORNING. Saturday between 10 AM 12 Noon CST for the rest of the stories. Click on link lower left to go there. January 21 at 3:01pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Remember everything I told you about is not just for knowledge, but for action that you all must take. Blessings. Remember we are more powerful then the evil of today. January 22 at 9:28pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI the truth in life shows are posted at www.biblevoiceusa.com January 23 at 10:22pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Beware interfaith dialogue. An organization called United Muslim Christian Forum a front for Muslims of America an anti Semitic extremist Group is going around with other front groups telling everyone they love Jesus. It’s a Lie of the devil. If any of you need someone to come to your area to teach the truth about Islam Let me know and we will see what we can do. January 24 at 9:10pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI. The uprisings in the mid-east is not grass roots, it is backed by the Muslims. In Egypt it is the Muslim brotherhood that has been trying to overthrow Egypt for almost a hundred years. The US pres. is acting worse then Carter did, if we do not speak up we could wind up with Muslim law governing the Suez Canal. Jordan is rioting have you heard that, 7 secular Muslim nations are involved in this uprising. January 28 at 10:48am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie These seven nations have been targeted since 9-11. Obama did not back the Iranian freedom fighters when they justifiable rose up against the pres. of Iran and in the middle of the uprising cut support for the good guys. Yet here Obama is supporting the violent Muslims saying let them demonstrate if they are peaceful while those that demonstrate are burning the place down. Rise up do not be silent. January 28 at 10:54am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Desk of the rabbi will be out in next 24 hrs barring major break downs so pray. If you have not signed up go to deskoftherabbi.com or www.biblevoiceusa.com. January 28 at 10:56am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie What you have not heard this AM about Egypt and the Muslim brother hood is that the Muslim brotherhood has commanded their partners (Hamas) in the Gaza strip to attack the Egyptian side of the Gaza boarder. They have driven the Egyptian army away from 2 towns on the Egyptian side of the boarder. January 30 at 10:25am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The stooges for the Muslim brotherhood have also taken all the weapons out of the gun stores in those towns and in effect control both sides of the boarder, which is very bad for Israel. We must make the effort together to pass this on not just to other face bookers but to the media and talk show hosts and news outlets no matter how small. Everyone needs to take part. January 30 at 10:29am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Our Gov. is drinking or smoking something to make them think that this is going to end up a democratic government. Only a strong strong leader can stop the Muslim brotherhood that has been trying to take over Egypt for over 100 years Prisoners both terrorists and murders have been broken out of the prison around Egypt. Doesn’t sound like a democratic goal is in mind. January 30 at 10:32am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Remember Elbaredie the man who wants to be president in Egypt has sold out to Iran and the Muslim brotherhood. Please do not let others continue to speak as if he is the democratic savior he is not. Pass it on January 30 at 11:08am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI Because I am on face book as a public figure I cannot put a share button, we tried. BUT you can cut or copy and paste then send it through yours, please do!! Also you all have many suggestions on who should print or put on the air some of these teachings. Well send them; if enough send the same info from different sources then they might put them on. Blessings January 30 at 4:02pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie First, answers. As of yet there is no foundation to land as collateral but that is how Germany did it all those years ago. It is usually the foundation in order to put value to a valueless currency.2. Most countries who want there resident nationals to have a certain education they fund it, such as Saudi Arabia etc. January 31 at 2:00pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie PS. Any country that takes land for collateral expecting to take the land without invading is really not too bright. Usually the country that takes that collateral then expects to get paid. At the most the country that holds the debt might have political pull if the one who owes the debt wants to borrow more. January 31 at 2:04pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI By now you know that I have been right about the Muslim brotherhood! So as Elbaredie is sold out to them, and t he brotherhood says they back Elbaredie you must bury the state Dept. and the congress and white House with emails and calls. Also tell all the people around you also. As bad as the Egypt. Gov. is we need to support them January 31 at 2:13pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie To remind you all what to pass on. The Muslim brother founded Hamas as a terrorist clearing house to support any and all terrorist group any where in the world to advance the rise and domination of Islam. They are illegal in Egypt and have been trying to take over Egypt for almost 90 years. Only a strong man can resist terrorism. Speak up. January 31 at 2:18pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The time has come to stop worrying so much about who loves us or not and be concerned about the safety and prosperity of our nation and the safety of our citizens around the world. The problem about buying your friends is you usually run out of money before they run out of hate. ASK the president when it became wrong to do right just because it’s right? January 31 at 2:21pm

February 2011:

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I find it difficult to believe that Elbaredie or CNN can be so uninformed as to believe that the Muslim brotherhood, who have tried to take over Egypt for close to a 100 years are peaceful or are going to stay in the background when and if the strong man steps down. February 1 at 7:20am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Elbaredie the so called freedom lover has started a group call the center for change or some such. He is part of the hard core left and sold out to the Muslim brotherhood in 2005 as well as Iran. I guess I seem to be beating the drum rather hard and continuous but we are at the precipice. Only our voice's prayers and actions can help tip the right way. February 1 at 7:24am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The Gov. says the judge who says health care bill is activist. I guess all the dem. judge's who have been making law from the bench don't count. DON'T BE MISLED, chuck Schumer who is talking about starting judicial hearings on health care is trying to do nothing short of doing and end run around the constitution and nullify the federal court that is not going their way. February 1 at 7:29am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie CORRECTION The government says the judge who says heath care bill is unconstitutional is an activist judge who is trying to infringe on law making. February 1 at 7:33am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie It is time to pray for our Lords mitigating power. The pres of Egypt has agreed to step down by the next election in about 6 months. The people who are really in charge say no. They say if by Friday he is not gone there will be trouble. The army has said they won’t interfere if the people are peaceful. Friday when the people go to the mosque ... cont. February 1 at 4:39pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If they receive marching orders from the Muslim brotherhood to riot there will be blood shed in the streets. The pres. of Egypt and the army are collecting people from the brotherhood and arresting those they can get their hands on. Let us pray that the Lord in his mercy will prevent world war 3 and that HIS will be done. AND tell the guy in the White house to shut up or practice what HE SPEAKS. February 1 at 4:50pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I said when the normal people who want freedom would go home after the pres. Of Egypt agreed the violence would start. Please tell the white house and state dept. to shut up. They are supporting the terrorist and Muslim brotherhood by calling on the Egyptian head to quit before Sept. February 2 at 11:36am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI: The health care law according to the federal judge in Florida is been found unconstitutional completely and must not be implemented by the white house. But Up until now the Pres. is defying the federal court and could be considered seditious. as in acting in a lawless fashion. Inform your Gov. of your state and state officials they do not have to implement the health Law. February 2 at 10:01pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The federal judge on page 75 of his ruling said there is no reason for a stay of the law as the law has been deemed unconstitutional by the federal court and no longer exists. speak up, point out page 75 of the Law to all you can even your neighbors and friends. Show them how this president hates and ignores the constitution of the USA. February 2 at 10:07pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Elbaredie says Egypt needs to get together with Iran! nuf said there. :( The Muslim brotherhood today has call for the destruction of Israel and has again called the US the great satan. I again ask, is possible that any human can be as incompetent as the press. seems OR is the ulterior motive to destabilize the MidEast so outside forces can come in displacing the US?? February 2 at 10:52pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Saturdays show will be covering the mid-east and how Egypt is calling Obama a Manchurian president. Also on why the white house has been held in contempt of federal court. Also how the Muslim brotherhood and the new Muslim world gov. has begun moving world wide. WE also look forward to you all calling in Tune in to www.wggh.net between 10 am and noon CST WGGH Radio - About WGGH - Southern Illinois Newest Talk Radio www.wggh.net Check out our new, safe for the family morning show - Rick and Bubba. The award-winning radio program has a legion of dedicated listeners to which they address all areas of life - faith, marriage and family. February 4 at 10:28am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI the pipeline that blew up in the Sinai next to Israel boarder was the Israel Egypt pipe line and was not an accident. Ham as blew it up. I will tell all on the show and for those of you who do not get the show I will put it out over face. Pass it on do not let the gov. Call it and accident. Trying to cover for the terrorists February 5 at 7:47am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The state dept sent their ambassador to Egypt to speak to the president of Egypt, but when he recommended that Mubarak be left in office until the transition, the ambassador was denounced by all the leftists who are in charge of our overseas policy including Clinton and Obama. I guess they did not want a truth that did not fit there agenda of disruption of the MidEast, February 6 at 2:08pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie What do you do when no truth comes from the white house? you follow the word of the LORD! some of you have asked questions in your comments. First, yes there Americans at the forming of the Muslim world GOV. 2nd, what to do as believers? Follow the word to the best of your ability no matter what the cost. Join together in faith & action. Help everybody understand this President like a tiger will not change his spots. February 8 at 10:19am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie More will follow about what’s going on in Egypt and how insane the president’s speech to the Chamber of commerce was. Also the real behind the scene and what the UN is doing also what the Muslim brother Hamas and other terrorists are doing on the Israel Egyptian boarder, and how the whole Muslim brotherhood story is a lie. February 8 at 10:23am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI: Hamas has established a command center in north Sinai for coordinating its operation with the Muslim brotherhood, So much for peaceful cooperation in forming the new Egyptian gov. February 9 at 11:03am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The Muslim brotherhood and Hamas are now working in coordination with Al Qaeda cells through out the MidEast and have reactivated their terrorist arm that has been dormant since they where declared illegal by the Egyptian gov. The brotherhood is moving in every non-Sharia Arabic nation in the MidEast. Even Jordan who the brotherhood has no grounds against so they made one up. continued February 9 at 11:13am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The Muslim brotherhood in Jordan demands that the king do something about his wife????? or step down? there are no grounds in Jordan to justify any uprising. Also the expanding disturbances that you are hearing about outside of the main city are union workers and outside trouble makers directed and backed by socialist unions here in the USA and around the world. TELL EVERYONE February 9 at 11:22am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie @ comment on the chamberlain moment, since we are aware of that moment coming we do not have to put up with it. The wheels move slowly but they move and evil just thinks they can wear you flat out so like the old days we will shut up and go away and that’s not going to happen so please all join in the more the loader and the better there is strength in numbers February 9 at 4:01pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I hear everyone have a fit because some of the Repubs. voted not to renew a part of the home land security act. I would remind you all that Bush him self said this power is fine to hunter terrorists but you need to be careful TO WHOM you give this power. We know this president and his leftist should not have this power. So be careful before you jump to judgment. Blessings February 9 at 4:04pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie This is in answer to a question: WE all of us, should contact anyone that we can! First the government, all branches then the newspapers then your neighbors and friends and family and even strangers that pass you in the street. Do not be still Do not be silent. Blessings February 9 at 9:13pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie do not be afraid about Egypt it is not what it seems. I am going on WICH in CT at 1.PM central better explanation to follow after February 11 at 9:28am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please be at peace, the only thing that has changed in Egypt is the army is now called the caretaker government instead of the power behind the government. Do understand that the pres of the US has almost destroyed in the MidEast. The king of Saudi Arabia was so angry talking to Obama that he had a heart attack when he got of the phone. February 11 at 2:04pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The king of Saudi has told Obama He stand with Egypt and will finance Egypt if necessary. He also said that he is upgrading his relationship with Iran and no longer trusts the US because of this President. The Pres. of the US is acting against the United States as we stand. He, the president wants us to be a socialist republic and part of a world wide socialist Gov... that we must quickly and legally remove this Gov February 11 at 2:13pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie join us this Saturday at 10 AM central time on WGGH AM or wggh.net and learn more about what is really going on in the MidEast. be ready to phone with questions call 618-997-2305 or 618-9938102 no question is stupid except the one you do not ask. February 11 at 2:24pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If there is anyone out there that does not understand that Obama is trying to prepare this country to become part of a world-wide socialist gov. and is truthful about it I want to talk to them. The reality is the pres. has just about destroyed any respect for this country. Let us pray together for Gods will to be done. What we need to do about it will follow shortly. February 15 at 2:59pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The Iranian navy has moved through the Suez Canal in order to join Syria. The Mahdi, the 12 imam has spoken to the pres. of Iran who believes he has the go ahead to start the big war so the Mahdi can return. The director of national security thinks the worst terrorist groups in the world are good guys February 16 at 9:40pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie So here we sit with a pres. In the US who wants to destroy us as a free nation. The Palestinians are moving a bill through the UN (useless Nations) to declare Israel's legal settlements illegal, they believe that Obama has abandon Israel, and they are right, no matter how much the government lies. We must take action now. February 16 at 9:55pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I mentioned on my radio show that there might come a time when a law will be passed that we will have to refuse. That law is in the works in California. It will if passed require schools to teach about gay lesbians cross gender etc. The real problem and why we will say no is the schools must teach about them as roll models. Do not get sickened from this, get angry. More to follow on my radio show Saturday. February 16 at 10:04pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I will be in and out of touch for a while, do not be concerned. Blessings and prayers to you all. Remember he and she who stands on the word of the Lord will stand forever. February 16 at 10:07pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Just discovered the US is considering abstaining on the Palestinian vote at the UN. This cannot be allowed as then the UN will become a tool to help destroy all the allies Obama has abandoned. Let's get on everybody's case about this. If 100.000 people individually contact all the people in city state and federal gov. They would get the idea February 16 at 10:27pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie As you see the uprisings around the mid east you now see them here in the US disguised as union disagreement. The AFL-CIO is all over the mid-east teach and taking part in the STRIKES cum riots in the different countries in the mid-east and are causing many deaths. Now that they realize that the US Pres. is with the mobs in the street, these countries and are striking back we are on the wrong side and are losing power February 17 at 12:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie You all must stand with the Powers of reason in Wisconsin where the Gov. now wants to do the best for the people of Wisconsin. 10.000 out of millions of citizens are making all this noise. Let everyone know no matter where you live that this could happen in many cities if we do not stop it. February 17 at 12:38pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The unions are part and parcel of the Marxists and socialist movement. That is the leaders are, not most of the members. Tell the union members and everyone else, they will be part of the destruction of our nation if they stay silent on the side of Evil. SPEAK OUT NOW OR RISK BE SILENT FOR EVER. February 17 at 12:42pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Do not forget even though I will be in touch only from time to time. I will be on the air Saturday form 10 IS until noon. WGGH AM or WGGH.net streaming February 17 at 12:43pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Well it seems ours and others actions have caused the US to veto the negative UN resolution. Way to go warriors. The military around the world are recognizing this attack against all Governments who are not under Sharia law and are taking steps to prevent it. Right or wrong Islam cannot be permitted to win. The results would be a thousand times worse. February 18 at 5:52pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie What say about our president who comes against our mid eastern allies but not only is in favor of the illegal and violent of the teachers union but has sent the organization that is HIS (Obama’s) fund raising and election organization to bring in 25000 outside union agitators who not only join the demonstrators but terrorized the teacher and political officials in their home's time to release the full power of the Law February 18 at 5:59pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Every state in the US that has lost to the Repubs. has these same union thugs braking the law and trying to intimidate in order to overthrow the results of our legal elections and President (or dictator) Obama agrees. Do not let this happen support the governors where this is happening wether you live there or not. IF you want to save our country speak now. February 18 at 6:07pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie if you think the rest of the world is trying to disrupt all stable governments, look at this. the assist. sec. of homeland security has asked cable companies to please put El Jazzera broadcaster on the cables. El. jazzera is the know voie for terrorism around the world. Many other nations have banned them. speak out to our government, don't both with the fcc, go for all the others who might listen. February 19 at 7:44pm

Rabbi Moshe LaurieI will not be able to answer E-mails, the satellite signal is erratic. Blessings With Strength, power and wisdom. February 19 at 7:46pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The Word of the Lord says faith without works is dead. But you need to remember, works with out faith is like trying to drive a truck with rubber bands for an engine. Do all that I suggested that you believe the Lord agrees with. first and for most pray! join in agreement of pray with all you can find of like faith. pray for the power of the Lord to go across the globe. February 20 at 2:35am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Here is a question that you should ask everybody! why is it that when ever we talk about financial sanity the left and the leftist union starts telling us about the poor children who will be to crowded and the public school system, which by the way stinks, will be in deep trouble. Yet these same teachers from four states are in Wisconsin rioting while their children have no school February 20 at 5:11pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie So again I say support your state Government and help to protect our republic, the president is not tell the truth. He changes the meanings of the words he uses such as "no more giving away money, just investments" Same things, taking our money and giving it away. The Pres. wants a federal dictatorship. continue to stand against this and against the invasion of all things Muslim February 20 at 5:17pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie This is absolutely the time when good is coming face to face with evil. This is a shout out to those that pray. We must take dominion over this evil called socialism that chooses not to recognize democratic votes! We must not only cry out to those in power in government but also to HE who has power over heaven and earth. The One True Liveing GOD. February 22 at 5:53pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie As I have said, do not get distracted just about who is saying what. Look behind them to see what the actions are locally nationally and globally. THEN! Get down and deep in pray, as well as keeping your friends and family and even those you do not know up to date about what YOU do know. The Lord is your Shepard and you SHALL NOT want. February 22 at 5:58pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie SEIU posted a fight song on their website called 'Take 'Em Down' and it goes like this: "Ya got take the bastards down. Let them know. We got to smash them to the ground. Let them know. We got to take the bastards down. When the boss comes calling you got to stand your ground. When the boss comes calling let them know." SO any gov. That's not democrat is considered the enemy? February 23 at 6:15pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie They are trying to destroy the voting process. Only when they win is there a democratic proceeds. Fear not the truth shall win out. Without acting like gangster. But do not shut up. They should fire or charge anyone who runs with dereliction of duty. Tell your governors February 23 at 6:21pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you are wondering if God is paying attention to what's going on around the world, three days ago as the ships from Iran got ready to go through the Suez canal there was a 5.9 earthquake on the richter scale as measured by the National institute for astronomical and geophysical research. Tremors from the 3 AM earthquake last 27 minutes. February 24 at 7:50pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I can tell you most people do not even mention that this earthquake is a sign from the Lord, I believe that our Lord is taking a more hands on approach to the events of today. Everyone who believes in the Lord needs to get more active in pray and informing all what is going on around us. As the world continues to destabilize the Lord will make his will known in no uncertain Terms. Trust in the Lord. February 24 at 7:56pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Do not forget who we are dealing with. At the risk f repeating myself, remember Richard Trumpka head of AFL-CIO and global tax member and socialist along with former head and soviet agent for socialism Andy Stern are active around the world in all the hot spots as well as here in the US where ever there is disobedience to the law. Wonder how the Arabs got those great English signs supporting Wisconsin? see above. February 24 at 8:04pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you would like to hear more of whats going on I will be broadcasting from the middle of the pacific ocean, sorry this came so late we are 4 hours earlier right now. Please tun into WGGH AM 1150, or WGGH.NET between 10 AM and 12 noon central time. we will be taking questions. Blessings February 26 at 1:01am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Thanks to all of you that tuned into the radio show today. and for those who could not you can listen to the show at www.biblevoiceusa.com in a day or so. I might be out of touch for a while again. let us pray for one another. Never be still never be silent. http://www.biblevoice/www.biblevoice February 26 at 10:09am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I will be back to the mainland in a few days and communications will be better. Keep an eye and a prayer on the Pres. of US as he on one hand fails to do what he needs to do in a timely manner in the world and continues to try to walk a thin line with the unions. the hard left has infiltrated the groups in the streets and are trying to start a bloody battle to have an excuse to try to over throw our Government. February 28 at 8:16pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie It is my opinion that the Pres. would stand with the leftists in the street if we are not careful. It is up to us to inform all the groups that we believe have our interests at heart that we stand with them and will support them no matter what the leftist news says. Also continue to pray unceasingly for GODS will. Blessings February 28 at 8:19pm

March 2011:

Rabbi Moshe Laurie can someone PLEASE call ANYONE in the gov. or newspapers or any of the talk show hosts and ask HOW COME its ok to save lybians and talk HOURS about charlie sheen. YET it ok for the Gov. of Iran to kill or run down or Jail with no comment from the UN or the Pres of US. could be if you fit in with Obama's plans for world domination you can do what you want? ooooo I really said that :) Be home in a few days. March 1 at 4:59pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The devil is attacking but we win. Keep us in prayer until we get home and then on forever. Do not be confused the Lord requires that we stay turned toward HIM so he may know we trust only in HIM Blessings March 2 at 11:27pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I am in agreement that where posable you need to get your children out of the public school system, on the other hand they have no right to tell any parent that they have no say in their child's education. Fact is if this does happen and you don't know what to do contact us. It requires that you demand (politely) if posable to know what going on in your school March 6 at 1:48pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If they won't tell you, then we go publicly to war. In New York state the school systems have introduced a teaching that shows all cops are bad and should be feared and hated. It is a group that is the subset of the teachers union and funded around the backdoor by the AFL-CIO who's pres. is an announced socialist and marxist who says he doesn't care about more money for workers just social change. (That's communism) March 6 at 1:56pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Now here's what WE THE PEOPLE have to do about it. wether you have children in school or not! we need to know what they are teaching. REMEMBER THOSE PROGRAMS, I told you that have already been introduced to the schools. and then we do not have to agree with them, that's why I will begin teaching soon on here and desk of the rabbi, how to say NO! March 6 at 2:00pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie We have found we may be able to get on TV both broadcast and hopefully on the internet. what do you all think of that. If you are interested or know any of our former viewers, please inform them as I will give an email soon that you can respond to, Blessings March 6 at 2:03pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie the pres. doesn't think America's anything special. No really, he doesn't. Quote: "I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism." In other words: everybody's special. March 6 at 2:24pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Tell your friend that, with his Barney the Dinosaur egalitarian worldview of everybody being special, Obama ought to be a kindergarten teacher, leading the kids in non-competitive, non-judgmental songs, not the leader of the free world. March 6 at 2:25pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If there were such a thing on the internet this would be a Class one omega alert. We must not, NOT allow the pres. or anybody else to open the strategic reserves to lower gas prices. The key word is strategic. Those reserves are ONLY for times of war or isolation from our suppliers outside the US. this Pres. would love nothing better then to deplete this reserves so we would be at the mercy of our enemies. March 7 at 8:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The quickest way to lower prices is to announce that we are opening ALL our resources for energy here in the US. The price would plummet. It has been done before. We need to get on ever bodys nerves about this one and do it now if u can. Be not afraid, if God is meeting your need and you trust in him, you need not worry about the price of gas only how that you are serving HIM, we must be HIS voice in this wilderness. March 7 at 8:41pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The surviveal of our nation as we know it is hanging on what we allow to happen in Wisconson!! The Rebubs. have out menuvered the Dems. and they are crying fowl. They think they can take that city by force. Contact everyone in wisconsin that you stand with them and contact anyone else you can. March 9 at 9:10pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie No joke the word behind the wall is union power has kept some of the deems from returning. This has been planned for a very long time. They would like to turn this into egypt or something. Do not say that it cannot happen. The Pres, would love ANY excuse to declare martial Low. Do not allow it. If you haveever passed anything this is it. a Short desk of the rabbi show go out tomorrow. Blessings March 9 at 9:14pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie When you listen to the picketers in Wisconsin, they sound like the terrorists who say when you stop them from killing you, they say because you stopped me from killing you we will kill you. If you think I am joking, read the news. So because the legal Gov. of Wisconsin said enough of your cheating and found a way to up hold the Law now the left are rioting. March 10 at 2:24pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI Israel has a process where you can mine shale oil. The old process was energy intensive and used lots of water. This one produces usable water in the process. Israel is in final testing. She is also the 3rd largest after the US and one other for shale deposits. God is moving. Pray for Israel’s obedience to the one true living God. March 15 at 6:01am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Even if the earth is shaking keep your eyes on Wisconsin, The unions and the leftist are going to us every dirty trick including force and intimidation in order to keep bleeding we the people dry of our money and freedoms. REMEMBER, the whole purpose is to destroy the United States of America and our free market values. REMEMBER. We are the last true free nation on earth.March 11 at 9:24am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I was asked what about Canada, As good as it is it cannot stand alone without the US March 14 at 1:29pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please do not be distracted by Japan, as bad as it is it has been happening for thousands of years, just a while ago another quake killed 30,000 people. Terrible as it is, we need to focus on how the enemy's in our Gov. Are going to use it against us. Even bill slick Willie Clinton says that Obama’s oil policies are insane.March 14 at 1:32pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Does anyone wonder why? When a terrorist snuck into a Jewish household and stabbed a mother father and 3 of six children to death including cutting the throat of a one month old baby. Then in Gaza city the Palestinian Muslim handed out candy on the streets to celebrate these murders. Did you see any of this in the regular news NO!! YOU need to tell everyone. March 14 at 5:43pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Do not forget the democratic creed, let no emergency go unused. The earthquake in Japan did not damage the reactors it was the tsunami that caused the electric to fail. Most if not all of the people saying let revisit the permits for OUR nuclear plants are funding directly indirectly by George Soros, March 15 at 5:53am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie First the Gov. puts an illegal stop to oil drilling. Then they try to take control of most inland energy resources. Now let's see how they try to stop slow down or stop 20 plants that are in the permit process. How best to make us weak as a nation then stopping us from being energy independent. Do not be still. March 15 at 5:57am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI Israel has a process where you can mine shale oil. The old process was energy intensive and used lots of water. This one produces usable water in the process. Israel is in final testing. She is also the 3rd largest after the US and one other for shale deposits. God is moving. Pray for Israel’s obedience to the one true living God. March 15 at 6:01am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Very interesting!!!! Everybody said that the ships from Iran that came through the Suez Canal had no weapons, hmmmmmm yet it turns out that the Israelis watch them off load some box's hmmmmm and another ship come later and load them up, that ship stopped at a Turkish port to through everybody off the track. March 15 at 7:04pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Low and behold, turns out some Israeli commando's captured the ship and found those same box's destined for Gaza and Hamas, hmmmmm Everybody, everybody said there where no weapons. So far the weapons that were found were taken. The ship brought to an Israeli port for detailed inspection. Everybody involved on the other Side is looking for a place to hide there faces March 15 at 7:08pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie sources and how they followed the weapons visually to follow, if you want to know. March 15 at 7:11pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Interesting isn't it that no has mention that the arms on the unarmed Iranian ship that the non existent weapons to another ship that was captured by Israeli commandos had, among other things that were not there, modern anti ship missiles with the instruction written in per shin, that’s from Iran. The same Iran that the pres is willing to talk to. Tell ALL the Gov. people you can CONTACT on any level. March 16 at 9:20pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I listen to the lame reasons that the reactor in Japan is having problem. The worst is in 2008 there were Gov. warnings. I can promise you those warnings did not include having to stand against the fourth largest earthquake in recorded history. Or have safety factors that will work during and after a wave traveling 590 miles and is 30 feet high hits it. Oh by the way. The building stood. March 17 at 3:43pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Why do I write this? The US Gov. and the world socialists want an excuse to further limit the US energy resources. It is up to all of us every where who love the USA and our freedom to take a stand against this and say no. Next time I will tell you about what the justice dept wants to do to you and your children and our freedom of speech and privacy. The left wants Obama to begin to rule by decree (executive order).March 17 at 3:52pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please join us with your friends tomorrow Sat. for truth in life today at www.wggh.net 10 AM until noon. CST come listen to things you will not hear any where else. Hear the real inside story on how the commandos captured 50 Tons of weapons. Also among other things hear about Obama’s international Plans. Any questions you might have feel free to call or tweet or send it here. Blessing WGGH Radio - Monster Radio AM 1150 WGGH-Southern Illinois TALK Radiowww.wggh.net March 18 at 3:09pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I pray those who listened to our show enjoyed it. If you didn't listen you can hear it on biblevoiceuse.com resources. Well here we go again, the press says, he will not commit troops and will not spend money on these happenings. Well we the US fired cruise missiles that last time I looked cost over a million dollars apiece March 19 at 3:50pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Do not be distracted by what’s going on overseas. There is a concentrated effort here in the states to undermine our freedoms, limit our energy and to distort due process under the Law of the land. Do not forget the only rights that cannot be taken from you are given by GOD. That’s why they are called inalienable rights given by God. Any rights given by man can be taken by man. March 19 at 4:05pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Well here we go, a nuclear plant that was in rehab for 3days has been told it needs to stay off line for review. The Wisconsin Dems have gone around the law by using those in power that are Dems. to stop the Law that has been passed. Yes it will become law but in the meantime we have what is called soft tyranny. That’s taking your liberty without a gun. March 20 at 9:32pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie What to do? What to do!! First tell everyone one in power that you will not put up with this kind of conduct any more. Tell them to get back the constitution and the laws of the Land and that you are not going to take it anymore. Be ready to begin to say no, no, no. To anything that is not the Law of the Land no matter what the cost. Remember there are more of us then there are of them!!! March 20 at 9:36pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Everyone says Obama has no plan for Libya, I and a few others say he has a plan and that plan is failure. Already there are not enough planes to fulfill the no fly zone, England us and France Falling out because Obama keeps changing the non plan. The Arabs are backing away. Just another chance to weaken the USA! Obama with malice and forethought. Tuesday at 1:16pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you think I am wrong just look what he does and says, nobody can be that stupid and naive. In 15 days he has changed plans No No excuse me, he has not changed plans he just changed his teleprompter and dais what ever had thought would do the most damage. He is not trying to please anyone! Almost everyone is angry with him. Just damage, that's all he wants. Look into it please prove me wrong. Tuesday at 1:19pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI My bride Doctor Martha is having a knee replaced tomorrow, (my birthday) please pray for the hands of the doctor and all his equipment, and that Martha has a super powerful healing curve granted by our Lord God in heaved through our Messiah. Tuesday at 1:24pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI thank you all. Martha came through 100 percent out of surgery smiling and talking. Please keep praying. We will be staying at the hospital for a few more days. Blessings.13 hours ago

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I am still verifying but it seems from OneNewsNow that the pres. has lied again. The 26th Marine expeditionary unit {MEU} at camp Lejuene are "preserving the sanctity of the city {of Ajdubiyah) and the safety of the civilians within. FYI this city is in Libya. Let us work together to verify this. An ABC affiliate in North Carolina says more then 2000 Marines are on the ground in Libya. If true needs impeaching 13 hours ago March 24, 11

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I believe I finally figured out what Obama is doing in the MidEast. Very not good. I will verify a few more things and then I will release the info. Let any one who is not hooked up be ready to listen to this. I will also be releasing it on the Saturday show on WGGH 1150 am and www.wggh.net 2 hours ago March 24, 11

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn is the U.S. Africa Command task force established to provide operational and tactical command and control of U.S. military forces supporting the international response to the unrest in Libya and enforcement of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1973. UNSCR 1973 authorizes all necessary measures to protect civilians in Libya under threat of attack by Qadhafi regime 2 hours ago March 24, 11

Rabbi Moshe Laurie A Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit's AV-8B Harrier jump jet returns to USS Kearsarge for fuel and ammunition resupply while conducting air strikes in support of Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn, March 20, 2011.

Rabbi Moshe Laurie About 2,200 Marines from the26thMarineExpeditionaryUnitwill takepart in support operations based aboard USSKearsarge at sea. Those support operations have thus far included air strikes and one rescue operation. The overall mission is to help end theviolence directed at the Libyan people. 2 hours ago

Rabbi Moshe Laurie SO OUR LIAR IN CHIEF HAS DONE IT AGAIN!! No boots on the ground in Libya 2 hours ago

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Key words below are rescue operations; Also Marines have been seen on the ground and have been spoken about on E-mails. Why does everything have to be under the table? I know the answer, it’s called habitual. 2 hours ago March 24, 11

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI My bride is healing at supernatural pace. We just walk up and down the whole length of the hall which is a very good distance. Thank you all for your prayers please continue. March 25 at 5:25pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Even though I am up here I will be on the air Saturday at WGGH AM 1150 or www.Wggh.net at 10AM until 12 noon central time. We will be talking about what I have found that about Obama's ulterior motives her and in the mid east. Get everyone you can to listen in. Also beware the UN (useless nations) laws they are passing about children and protecting citizens. March 25 at 5:41pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Thank you all for being kind in your prays and listening, remember together, you us The Lord we cannot lose. Being right does make might. March 26, 11, Saturday at 10:24am

Rabbi Moshe Laurie This is just to let you know I am continuing to compile what the enemy is trying to do against us, and even as I help my bride in her exercise I am finding more and more that the devil in his excitement and false confidence that he thinks he is going to win, makes more obvious. Pray and know God is in charge even as the pres. keeps lying. 15 hours ago

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Well it looks like the rest of the media is finally catching up on what we have taught on the muslim Jesus the Mahadi, 12th Emam etc. We started all those years ago teaching and yelling wake up wake up. We can only pray that it is not to late. Now that the rest of the worlk is awakening to the danger we can now focus on even the greater danger. That is the war directly against evil. March 31 at 9:09pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie We will still be informing you of what is going, such as the changes to the dept. of justice front page on their website which removed the flag and talks about world justice of man, instead of the justice of the US constitution. our focus must become the locating and strengthening the remnant that the Lord speaks about. Let us find together wether we are each part of the remnant and what we must do NOW! March 31 at 9:14pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I will say this again. The president of the US is not incompetent he is doing exactly what he wants to do. Let us remember what he said in Egypt last year and the meeting of muslim leaders. "Let me finish with this health care bill and I will show you what I will do for Islam" let us never forget tht evil works with evil until the greater evil destroys the lesser as they both try to destroy good. March 31 at 9:23pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Senior Libyan rebel “officers” sold Hizballah and Hamas thousands of chemical shells from the stocks of mustard and nerve gas that fell into rebel hands when they overran Muammar Qaddafi’s military facilities in and around Benghazi, debkafile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources report. March 31 at 9:30pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Word of the capture touched off a scramble in Tehran and among the terrorist groups it sponsors to get hold of their first unconventional weapons. According to our sources, the rebels offloaded at least 2,000 artillery shells carrying mustard gas and 1,200 nerve gas shells for cash payment amounting to several million dollars. March 31 at 9:30pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie US and Israeli intelligence agencies have tracked the WMD consignments from eastern Libya as far as Sudan in convoys secured by Iranian agents and Hizballah and Hamas guards. They are not believed to have reached their destinations in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, apparently waiting for an opportunity to get their deadly freights through without the US or Israel attacking and destroying them. March 31 at 9:31pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Shortly after the uprising began in the third week of February, a secret Iranian delegation arrived in Benghazi. Its members met rebel chiefs, some of them deserters from the Libyan army, and clinched the deal for purchasing the entire stock of poison gas stock and the price. The rebels threw in a quantity of various types of anti-air missiles. March 31 at 9:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Hizballah and Hamas purchasing missions arrived in the first week of March to finalize the deal and arrange the means of delivery. March 31 at 9:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The first authoritative American source to refer to a Hizballah presence in Benghazi was the commander of US NATO forces Adm. James Stavridis. When he addressed a US Senate committee on Tuesday, March 29, he spoke of “telltale signs of the presence of Islamic insurgents led by Al-Qaeda and Hizballah” on the rebel side of the Libyan war. He did not disclose what they were doing there. March 31 at 9:33pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Interesting isn't it that our sources have this word and places and these people that call themselves our Gov. are dithering. Sorry so many at once but I felt we need to know. Pass this where you can. Others on lists Gov. people, senate and congress and of course the talk shows. Challenge them to prove you wrong. WE THE PEOPLE AND ISRAEL are being setup. March 31 at 9:37pm

April 2011:

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Well there you go on fox and other stations, there have been boots on the ground from usa since before we attacked them and during the presidents speech. Lier in chief proven again April 1 at 10:57pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Lets see how many people in the gov. Still try to ignore the fact that terrorists in all the countries that are under attack by so called democratic people who want to over throw the dictator are try to buy all kinds of weapons to use against us and Israel and England etc. such as the WMD from Lybia that has already been purchased and are out of Lybia on the way to the terrorists targets April 2 at 8:38pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I was asked did the world say never again about the Jewish holocaust, my answer is The world did not say never again! The Hebrews with Israel said never again. NEVER AGAIN SHALL THE JEWS GO INTO THE NIGHT QUIETLY TO DIE. The Armies of Israel and the Lord GOD shall see to that. April 3 at 5:57pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie It is my opinion That Paster Terry jones who burned the koran should be arrested and charged with incitement to murder. I have spoken against Islam for many years, the koran does not kill, the people do. just as guns to not kill people do. Lets see if we can help get this person the justice he has coming. 20 people died because of him and many church s burned. Islam is of the devil but this pastor is not of God,. April 3 at 6:03pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you have not heard the pres. wants to by pass the conformation process for among others 3000 military commanders and 200 other unelected Tzar's. He wants control of appointing military leaders because this lesson 101 in taking over a country from within. Lets get with it and let all the people in and out of Gov. know about this. OHH there are 2 Repub. cosponsors. Let us scream and vote. Scream first to all April 3 at 6:14pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I am going to clarify one more thing about this Koran thing and then lets move on to saving out freedom. The Muslims deserve death for these murders. BUT most people do not know that General Petraeus asked this pastor NOT to do this for the safety of our troops April 4 at 4:10pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie The Dems. And Lindsey Graham have said they have to do something about our "so called" freedom of speech. IE the Koran burning, our freedom of speech is not so called it is an amendment to the constitution of the USA. We must stop them from using this as an excuse to take another freedom from us. STOP THEM. April 4 at 5:46pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Nancy Pelosi will be a featured speaker along with other Dems at a gathering sponsored by Soros to the tune of $50,million. Called change the world event. Soros is holding 2 events one political the other financial to destroy the USA as we know it. They should be impeached. Just for attending not speaking in support. And they are speaking, so must u all. April 6 at 7:40pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie FYI I will be in Champaign IL on sunday the 10th at New Horizon United Methodist Church. In the morning I will be giving testimony and in the evening I will be conducting a passover Seder and teaching. I am sure that the church would love if you care to join me. If you will be coming to the Seder with more then a few people I would call to let them know how many. April 7 at 9:39pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie There is a shooting war going on between Israel and Gaza with Hizbella in the middle also the WMD has been destroyed, have you heard a word. Of course not the Gov. is going to shut down. Watch the other hand. Listen in tomorrow on WGGH AM 1150 or www,wggh.net between 10 AM and noon central time Learn the truth, call in, ask question and receive answers April 8 at 3:27pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie If you ever wondered about Obamas even handedness look at Syria. Fighting has spread to the syrian pres home town so he unleashes all his armed forces and his group of thugs with instructions to shoot to kill. Is the UN going in? And why not? Syria belongs to Iran and has for a long time The US Pres. thinks Iran is a good guy soooo whats His purpose and will he organize an attack against Israel? more to follow April 13 at 9:07pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie OHHH PS. Syria is not even allowing the ambulances to collect the wounded and has sealed the towns that have unrest with tanks, protect the innocent I do not think so. Only the innocents the the people who want to control us like in the koran, they decide who is innocent and who is not. April 13 at 9:10pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie We all need to tell the heads of the republican party if they do not begin to fight for that which we have given them the power and the purse strings to do they are done, fired, fired through. We need to drown the heads of the house and senate for the Repub.. a clean sweep won't hurt. a Dem said lets get rid of the tea party members so it won't make any difference who gets elected that means they all need to go. Now Aparil 13 at 9:19pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Join us tomorrow sat on truthinlife today, WGGH 1150 AM or www.wggh.net streaming on the Internet. Hear some of the truths you will hear no where else. Such as people trying to open doors on airplanes at 30,000 ft. Scream "New world ordrer you all will die. WGGH Radio - Monster Radio AM 1150 WGGH-Southern Illinois TALK Radio www.wggh.net April 15 at 4:57pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Oooops our on demand shows are on www.biblevoiceusa.com and get the shows you missed April 15 at 4:59pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Oh I will be talking about the rapture and what's going on today so tell all who have waited. April 15 at 5:29pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie thanks for listening to the show, hope that you enjoyed it. I plan on continuing to look at the end times from an old testament view point. I believe that you will be blessed when you see how the Lord used his son to make HIS word whole. April 16 at 6:24pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Someone said that that I signed off after the first hour, yes but I signed back on for the 2nd hour 6 minutes later. we are on from 10AM to 12 noon Central time. Thats 11AM to 1PM central etc. April 17 at 6:01pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie It looks like I will be teaching on end times this weekend show as well as answering any questions callers might have, I will also compare end time prophecy of the Hebrews Christians and Muslims April 20 at 9:29pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie look forward to hearing on the air tomorrow http://www.wggh.net/ at 10 AM to 12 noon The great and terrible day of the Lord is upon us. We will be in the midde of the end times. WGGH Radio - Monster Radio AM 1150 WGGH-Southern Illinois TALK Radio www.wggh.net April 22 at 4:58pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie As you rise in the morning, remember so had the Messiah risen. He sits at the right hand of our Lord keeping HIS promises through the father in heaven. Trust in him, lean not to your own understand. The great and terrible day is upon us, Rejoice that we finally come face to face with evil and will soon sit at the foot of our Lord. Happy resurrection sunday. April 23 at 7:53pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie You may not believe this! Chucky Schumer has put forth a bill that that would tax antique cars, racing cars etc. The reason? because the prior administration did not find enough sources of revenue. In other words other ways to get our money. Not a word about cutting spending or doing away with programs that we cannot afford. We need to start screaming as loud as we can. And just say no. April 25 at 7:41pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Don't forget shell oil is getting ready to walk away from a 4 billion dollar investment because the EPA won't give them the air permits that they have no foundation for holding back. We see as the devil gets closer to what he thinks is success he, the devil starts to let himself be known. what that means is, in the name of the Lord you and I can bind the devil. If you do not know how ask me. April 25 at 7:46pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I was asked about the movie atlas shrugged, aside from a moment or two there is nothing wrong with this movie. Many people are trying to stop us from seeing it because it was written in the 50s and even though the writer may or may not have believed in God she was prophetic. The left and anyone else who is antiGod and does not want you to know the truth is trying to stop you from seeing it. April 25 at 8:23pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie I have seen it you all should too, pass it on. It shows just how the left and the socialist and the muslims are working together to destroy our society. Remember this was written in the early 50s. Go see it and get as many others to see it so it is not buried. OHH its the first of a 3 part series. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Take no other opinion other then you own after you have seen it. Blessings April 25 at 8:27pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie GREAT NEWS starting tomorrow (Saturday) We begin experimenting with video streaming at wggh.net at 10 PM to 12 Noon central time or listen at WGGH 1150 AM at the same time. That means on the internet you can listen and look. Remember its an experiment. April 29,11 at 9:03pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Please pray with us as we did put up the shows on biblevoiceusa.com and they disappeared, so we put them up again and we win as alway the enemy hates what we do. Ahhhhhhh poor devil we know his future. Remember when two or more join in agreement the Lord is among us and the devil must flee April 29,11 at 9:04pm

Rabbi Moshe Laurie Well Osma is dead! And all you hear from the Pres. is I did this, me, I order etc. 1 minute thanking the great military and the rest on how he, the pres. spent all his time directing the hunt for osama, I guess The Pres has an implanted phone with video so he can direct all this from the golf course and parties and campaining. forgive me but he really has begun to disgust me beyond the pale. May 3,11

Bless you.
In service to The King,
Rabbi Moshe Laurie

Shofar Be Tzion Ministries
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January 28, 11

Shofar Be Tzion Ministries P. O. Box 1262 Groton, CT 06340 Regional Office M-F, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., EST 1 860 445-7706 January 28, 11 My Fellow Warriors, I come to you with this special message about the situation in the world and in the Mid East today. While we shall discuss others issues at a later date, right now you must know that our President and his State Department are about to commit the same error as they had in the time of former President Jimmy Carter when they gave away Iran to the mullahs.

Right now there has been what they call a spontaneous uprising or grass roots revolution. They’re saying that it is a public uprising … that it is ‘the people in the streets’ when it actually is the organized movement of Islam taking advantage of one issue, which is the conversion of the world to Islam right now. We the United States, should be standing with Egypt.

How would you like to have Sharia Law in charge of the Suez Canal – in charge of the former largest ally that we have in the Mid East and the first that ever signed a peace treaty with Israel in the Mid East?

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which has been outlawed five or six times in just the last thirty years, has moved in with the so called ‘natural uprising.’ We have our bleeding hearts in Washington turning around and saying, “Oh turn on the Internet! Turn everything back on. Let them picket and do peacefully “ while they are really burning buildings to the ground and trying to overthrow the legitimate government. No matter how bad it might be, that government keeps the religious, maniacal Left and Islam under control.

I call upon you all to voice your outrage at the fact that when the truly oppressed people under an absolute tyrannical dictatorship of Iran rose up in the streets, Obama totally abandoned them and cut the funding for the Resistance Group. Now they are saying things that are doing nothing but inflaming the Mid East and strengthening the bad guys.

Jordan is part of the disturbance – you’ve not heard that. Jordan is rioting now. They won’t come against the king because he will unleash his British trained Arab legion upon them.

There are five different countries now that are rising up because Islam believes that they can win and our government, or at least the persons in charge of it, look like they are willing to let it to happen.

Rise up and resist– through e-mails, letters and phone calls.

Please know that I wait to send out these ‘desks’ because I would rather let the internal political situation sort itself out here in the US.

We know what is right ... that which is of God.

The Republicans and the “We the People” party are beginning to stand against what is not right. We must always stand for what is right in God’s eyes.

Only God’s people can stand against the Socialist Leftist Marxists of this country. El Barredei, the former head of the Nuclear Authority at the UN, has joined with the rioters and wants to lead the country as President. He sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood in 2005.

We have been on FaceBook and Twitter for a while now. You are invited to join me on these. You can sign up by going to www.biblevoiceusa.com and access the sign up options on the ministry’s main page.

Fear not. Trust in the Lord. Lean not to your own understanding for it is only prayer that you may use that will stand against all the evil of today. Remember, first prayer, then action. Do not be afraid of what you see because it is nothing but the fulfillment of prophecy. Bless you.

In service to The King,
Rabbi Moshe Laurie